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I have wanted to start a blog for years now, working on it here and there when I have had a bit of spare time. Coming up with the name, the look, with what I want to share with you...But always pushing it off until I thought it was perfect.

Now let me stop right here and fill you in on my worst flaw:

I hold myself up to an almost unrealistic standard of perfect. I plan and plan so everything will be at its best, but does life really work that way? Lord knows it does not, it works His way. Eventually I realize this again and again... #newyearsresolution

So instead of launching a blog at its best of pretty photos, thought out posts and perfection like I had planned, I am simply saying...

Hello, I want to share with you this life of mine that I love. It is a mess and it is crazy...oh it is not perfect, but in a way it is.

I hope in some way you can connect, learn, and be inspired here.


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