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Visiting Rowan Oak

A few weeks back, I had a spur of the moment visit to Rowan Oak, and I left there so inspired..

The moment you turn into the drive, you enter a different world. I was so at peace with the stillness and squirrels playing in the trees that I kept forgetting downtown Oxford was just right there. While walking the grounds, I could see Faulkner and Estelle sitting here or there in the adirondack chairs enjoying what they created for themselves. And that was my first inspiration, finding the little ways of making your home into your haven. The first on my To Do list for my haven is a chaise lounge on the front porch, in my favorite sunny spot. Stay tuned for the hunt for the perfect piece...

Now, when visiting a famous author's home, you can't help but think, "When was the last time I even picked up a book?" I was a little ashamed to be setting foot in his home upon that realization. So here are a few books I am holding myself to making time to pick up and read (finish reading) this year:

Just 18 Summers by Michelle Cox and Rene Gutteridge (if you don't mind crying your heart out, a good reminder of the small important things) *referred by @hollyhawkins

A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman (if you need some guidance and courage in finding/being your true self) *referred by @hollyhawkins

Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (if you need a bit of adventure, also now a show)

and of course, one by William Faulkner himself, As I Lay Dying

One more round of inspiration, and maybe my favorite, Rowan Oak's classic white and green exterior. There is just something about a white and green house that gives me all the good feelings. If it does that for you too, then I have something just for you...a round up of my favorite white/green combos.


SW 2809 I Rookwood Shutter Green SW 7005 I Pure White


SW 0041 I Dard Hunter Green SW 6385 I Dover White


SW 2816 I Rookwood Dark Green SW 2829 I Classical White

Feel free to mix and match these colors to your heart's content, I don't think you could go wrong!

what i love most about historic places, the feeling of walking along with a presence all around you of the ones there before...


Pictured: front entrance I I foyer I library I parlor I Faulkner's study I Faulkner's study, his outline for A Fable written on the walls I upstair landing I Estelle's bedroom I Children's rbedooom I Children's bedroom I Faulkner's bedroom I Kitchen/Smokehouse

I hope I have passed on Rowan Oak's inspiration to you create your haven, to read, and maybe even repaint your house this spring!

To William and Estelle,


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