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Words cannot express how I feel to be sharing this post with you, my first One Room Challenge, Week One! If you have never heard of it until now, goodness, please go here and here and treat yourself. I have been following this biannual event for a few years now and here are a few things I have got to tell you: I) I have found some of my favorite fellow designers through ORC that are such inspirations to me. ORC is this amazing pool of different styles and while I do appreciate them all, it is so nice to find like-minded people too. II) About that amazing pool again, it is also very supportive. I feel like I have virtually friended people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Let me add, I am a hermit living in small town, Mississippi so ORC is the greatest social reach I could ever find in this lifetime. III) It challenges you. I think I work better under pressure and with a deadline, anyone else? ORC gives us 6 weeks to complete our chosen rooms, what better way to get that pending To Do checked off!

If you have found your way here for the first time via Calling It Home I ORC, Hi! I'm Kristian: a designer, old soul, crazy chicken lady, and Momma to Q. We live in the small town of Eupora, MS where I actually grew up. Last summer, we moved into a 1915 Queen Anne Victorian that needs a little love. And that is where my challenge comes in... I am finally taking on Q's room!

The Vision...

First, let me show you a few pretty things that I have been invisioning for this room since we moved in. Which is really easy after I stumbled upon this perfect bedroom by Sean Anderson. The dark green walls, the light bedding, the black accents, the plaid, the antlers, the old books, the portrait...I felt like I found my design soulmate honestly. Thank you Instagram!

Designer: Sean Anderson I Photographer: Alyssa Rosenheck

The Green...

I am still back and forth between these two colors and playing with lighting in the room to make sure I choose the right one, because this color is going everywhere, I mean everywhere! I want to go so moody dark, but the room right now is already dark most of the time that it could make Rookwood Shutter Green look black. That is not what I want! I will be sharing tips and tricks about this later, stay tuned.

I) Sherwin Williams, Rookwood Shutter Green

II) Sherwin Williams, Olympic Green

The Forbes Tartan...

A little back story, my Pop was adored by all and when we lost him a few years back, we started searching to find out more about his history...and found some scottish roots. I have completely embraced it and made visiting Scotland top priority on my bucket list. Until then, Scotland has been making its way into our home. My favorite pieces in our home are those that have ties to our family members and as close as Q was to Pop, I know he will too appreciate the little pieces incorporated in Pop's honor.

Grace Me Guide.

The current layout...

is actually not going to change much. Aside from Q's books moving to that bare corner to create The Reading Nook and make way for something else, it is staying the same. I considered moving his desk because walking into the room with it immediately to your left is awkward, but it just didn't work out with everything else this rooms needs. So I am going to try a magic trick to help it disappear. As for furniture, I have been collecting pieces that I wanted for his room for awhile, but I still need these pieces:

Reading Chair

Desk Chair

Bedside Table

And finally...

Here are the before photos, eh.

Click images for my jumbled thoughts throughout the room.

Next week I will be sharing a more detailed plan, as I am still changing and sourcing things. What I am really excited to show you next though, are those awful walls! They are first on the list and will be getting a treatment that I have been dying to do! If you aren't already, you can follow along behind the scenes here and here.

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Thanks for stopping by!


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