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It is Week Two of the One Room Challenge and I am seriously feeling the pressure! We had a huge set back this past week, but Q's room is starting to look like progress has been made.

If you are new to the ORC, Take a look here and fill yourself in. If you love beautiful spaces, seeing their transformations and the amazing people behind it, well you just struck gold. There are 20 Featured Designers that you can check out here, and hundreds of Guest Participants here. You should also give One Room Challenge a follow here so you don't miss a thing! And because this world just keeps getting better, you can now watch One Room Challege: The Series by Home Love Network!

If you have found your way here for the first time via Calling It Home I ORC, Hi! I'm Kristian: a designer, old soul, crazy chicken lady, and Momma to Q. We live in the small town of Eupora, MS where I actually grew up. Last summer, we moved into a 1915 Queen Anne Victorian that needs a little love. For my first ORC, I have decided to finally take on Q's bedroom, jam it all into 6 weeks, and share the chaos with you! If you missed Week One's before photos and vision, check here first before you get any further.

Let's talk walls...

This past week has been mainly about the walls. They were the worst thing in this room with bad drywall, too small crown for the 11 ft ceilings, unoriginal base that stuck out past the door trim and three shades of green (not one good one) painted here and there. But for every flaw, I have a fix. So far, the bad spots have been puttied then sanded and the picture rail (actually chair rail ripped down, long story) went up early this morning and already makes the proportions feel right, later this will really serve its purpose when I start hanging a ton of frames. Next I plan to add a shoe mold to the plain 1x6 base and plinths at each door to hide the offset there. Then it alll is getting painted in Sherwin-Williams Olympic Range. Yes, all green everything. Not only do I absolutely love this technique, but I feel like it will fit with our Queen Anne Victorian home. It took a few tries to make sure I had the right green, I wanted dark and moody, but not so dark that it looked black, and I wanted a more blue green than yellow green, but had to be careful that it didn't come off as grey in the room...

Here are a few tips when choosing a paint color:

I. Look at the color swatch IN the space it will be painted, at different times of the day, with A) other colors in the same shade and then again with B) other colors that will be used in the room. If I had three greens side by side, the darkest would look black. But if I took that darkest color away from them and then put it side by side an actual black, it then was obviously green.

II. Test out lighting - adding lamps with different shade color options, window treatments or lack there of, and light bulbs. I took down existing blinds that were blocking a lot of light from coming in the room. Then I switched out the bulbs in the fixtures with Philips Natural Light bulbs that changed the game big time. They will be going in all fixtures throughout the entire house now. Also, the two lamps that had ivory shades will be changed out to a color that will not cast a yellow glow.

III. Consider different finishes. Glossy will look lighter than the same color in matte, and it also shows imperfections more than matte would. My walls are very imperfect, so I am going as flat as it comes! Also, I think matte is just right for a historic house.

The new layout...

The bed, dresser, and desk are all staying where they were before. The trunk at the foot of the bed is out for a better view of the bed frame when entering the room. The collection of books are getting off the floor and onto a new bedside table with a lower shelf to stack them on. I am still searching for a comfy reading chair for that bare corner, but I did find a great stool to go with it that has hidden storage, that will most likely be crammed with legos on the 7th week. I actually lucked up with a desk chair, a few times over, and will have to decide which one to actually use. That is it for the big items, as for a few essentials and some bric-a-brac...I am still shopping around for those and will hopefully have that ready to share with you next week.

And just one more thing...

In case you missed it this past week, I hit the art jackpot thanks to @thegritandpolish. If you aren't following them, well you should be! (They are also ORCing this spring) But Cathy has shared two sources for art that are seriously saving my bare 11 ft walls! I also found a few pieces for Q's room to fill all of those empty frames I have been collecting. And here is my favorite...perfect for the "Little Gentleman" look I am going for in Q's room.

(click image for downloadable link)

If you would like to check out the sources, here you go!

The Met

Society 6

Next week I will be sharing the walls in all of their new green glory, so make sure you check in! If you aren't already, you can follow along behind the scenes here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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