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Woah we're halfway there! I am so excited about the progress made thus far and equally as freaked out for the fast approaching reveal. Oh, and also exhausted...very exhausted.

Here is a short 'n' sweet catch up if you are new here:


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Going for it...

I have had a lot of kick back from my volunteers (can't bring myself to call them family and friends until they admit that I was right, and they were wrong) this past week when the paint (SW Olympic Range) started going on the walls...and the base, the crown, the picture rail, the door trim, the doors, the window trim, the window sashes, yes all green everything! I have been dreaming of doing this ever since I laid eyes on @houseofbrinson's Queen of May Guest Room ORC last spring. (Thank you ORC for these connections!). I have been following along closely ever since, because, well...they are amazing, their historic home is amazing, their style is amazing, and it looks like they are currently up to something else ahmazing! As a creative soul, I think it is important to surround yourself with people who have like minds to help keep you motivated, inspired, challenged, and confident in the crazy ideas you come up with. More importantly, to help you stay true to your own unique aesthetic instead of falling into the generic masses, because it is so okay to be the oddball. With that said, I went for it this past week, by "it" I mean going bold with color, and it made the list of "Things That Have Made Me the Happiest Ever in My Life". I honestly sat in Q's room for half an hour, at 2:30 am, in just pure joy. No regret, none. There is still a second coat to be done and touch ups, but with every stroke of the brush, I love it more.

"This must be what finally finding your soulmate after a few bad exes feels like"

- Me to @hollyhawk24

(check out the three bad exes, I mean greens, here that I painted over with Mr. Perfect, SW Olympic Range)

Of course I'm going to share with you a peak of those walls! They have been the biggest change for this room, that's why I keep talking about them! Along with the paint, the added moldings feel so right and just...words fail me, really. The original wood floors somehow look even better, set off by the dark green. The same goes for the furniture pieces in the room that are the same wood tones: the bed frame, dresser, and bentwood chair (this is the one that I decided on for the desk).

Here, see for yourself...

If you are following along on Instagram, you can catch more peaks and some tricks in the ORC Highlight stories.

Something Old, Something New...

Besides the walls, I did manage to get other things for the room done, I finally took on that sourcing list! Some things I found online (linked below) and a few things I found out thrifting (similar items online linked below). Come to think of it, this is how all of my rooms have come together. I love shopping local to find pieces that add character like Q's antique bed frame. But I also love an online deal that comes straight to my door, like my favorite jersey bed sheets, and finding that specific thing you thought of last minute and need super fast, like antique brass curtain rods. I am still looking for the perfect reading chair, did I mention that I missed out on a beautiful green tufted leather wingback? Lesson learned, act fast when you find something that is right with your vision, because now nothing is measuring up to that chair... I am back and forth on whether to make or buy drapes since I need a custom length. And I have two things on the way for a DIY that I can't wait to share with you, if it goes as planned. If not, just pretend like I didn't mention that...

bed frame I memory foam mattress I jersey sheet set I magic bed skirt

pillow insert I bed side table I lamp with outlets I picture rail hooks

brass curtain rod I curtain rings I roll top desk I bentwood chair

Adding things on the To Do list halfway in...

Well that is me 100 %. While taking off the door hardware to paint the doors, I noticed that the back plates are actually brass and have been painted black. Like, why? Why would you do that?! I am seriously considering stripping them down to brass again, but if I do that then it needs to be done all throughout the house. So, if you have any tips or tricks to do this the easy way, please share!

Next week...

As soon as the walls are completely finished, I am taking on that bed frame! I had some great ideas sent in from my Instagram plea, so appreciated. Here is my plan, and then my back up plan:

I) using a foam mattress (link above to the one I found, its easy on a budget!) and possibly cutting it to fit within the side rails. After watching a video on the mattress, I think it just might form itself to the frame, so no cutting needed, hopefully, in a perfect world that I like to pretend that I live in...

II) making the side rails into a "platform", yes I said I really didn't want to do that because it makes the mattress sit way too high, but with just a 6" foam mattress instead of the old fashioned springs and box won't!

I have a few more things on the ORC schedule for this week, but if I have learned one thing so far, it is that Life does not let you get all The Things done when you plan for them to be done. So send all the good vibes this way and to the hundreds more ORC-ers! The 20 Featured Designers and Guest Participants are linked at the beginning of this post if you missed it. It's getting good, so make sure you are following along!

See you next week,


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