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Oh Week Five, if I could go back in time and redo you, I would. Reveals are upon us and I am having serious regret about the down time I spent this past week. I thought it was going to be the most productive week, it was the least! A few things did happen though, like the second coat of paint, half of a diy (still looking for the other half), the desk finally got a little attention, I found fabric for drapes that is perfection, curtain rods came in as did the Forbes tartan I showed you in Week One. You can glance back real quick if you need to catch up, click below:



I have been back and forth...

between showing every bit of progress in real time or saving these last things that are coming together for the reveal. I like a dramatic before and after. So here are just a few peaks until Reveal Day.

Painting the desk the same color as the walls, yes more green, came about for two reasons. First, it isn't an antique and it showed so bad when in a room with a beautiful antique bed frame and original hardwood floors. So it needed a refinish = paint. Second, when trying to decide which color, I knew that I didn't want a light color that would show writing marks and dirt (this is a 7 year old's room, get real) and I did not want it to stand out. It sits immediately to the left when you walk into the room, there really wasn't a better spot for it with how I wanted the rest of the furniture, so it stayed, but needed to disappear. Enter Olympic Range and viola! It still needs another coat, but I already love the tone on tone effect.

Fun fact: this desk was a Facebook Market find and the chair was one of two that I found at a local "yard sale" spot in town, for $4 ea.

Another local-ish find from this past week, 100% wool in a black and grey "old man" suiting texture that is going to be made into curtains that I cannot wait to see hanging with the antique brass curtain rods and black clips. I originally was looking for solid black, but had worried about I) It looking cheap and II) It blending in too much with a black lamp shade that I plan to sit in front of them. Two more reasons this fabric was just IT, the greyish tones in it I know will speak to the simple white bedding and when you see them hanging perfectly with the light shining will get it. A huge thank you to Ms. Kristi at Main Street Fabrics in Ackerman, MS for always taking the time to help me find what I am looking for and what I didn't even know I needed.

Hopefully by now you are following along on Instagram, so you can see moments like when this tartan arrived from Scotland, and I cried a little. Locharron of Scotland gives you the best collection to choose from in tartans. If you are after a certain clan tartan like I was, all you have to do is type in the family name into the tartan finder. Pictured above is the Forbes Modern Tartan for my late grandfather Vernon Forbes Jr. who Q adored. This was such a special piece that I wanted to incorporate into Q's room, so much so that it took over the design and Scotland became the main inspiration. There will be another tribute to Pop and his heritage that you will see later in the reveal.

Hint: Pop raised cattle.

In the few days to come...

I will be frantically pulling this room together. I still have a lot of to dos that have been carrying over and over... One thing I am really excited about, taking a road trip to Cleveland to see a chair that I believe is The Reading Chair that I have been searching high and low for! So stay tuned.

And of course, this is just one of many rooms entered in the One Room Challenge. There are 20 Featured Designers and so many Guest Participants that you need to check out if you haven't already.

May the odds be in my favor,


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