DOWNTOWN I Greenwood and Grenada, MS

Downtown, my destination when visiting somewhere new. I love the old houses, Main Streets, and Town Squares - but you expected that of me already, didn't you? Well let me tell you why and what exactly I am looking for when I'm downtown.

First of all, the old houses. If you are on the road with me, you best expect to chauffeur me down the streets while I hang out the window drooling over those beauties. I may even try to convince you to stop and take a peek with me (only if it appears empty).

Greenwood, MS has quite a few that I would love to peak in if I had the chance, including these on River Road (the first is Skeeter's house from The Help!) that were up for sale and a few recently purchased!

click images below for link to listings, psst inside photos

Skeeter's House from The Help

The Stage Marye - Gillette House

Once the Bridgewater Inn

My dream house

Grenada, MS downtown area surprised me when I drove in a few weekends ago. I had only been uptown and never thought much about visiting downtown, until I was headed to The Nest Egg to pick up a pair of chippendale wing backs. Need I say more? Antique shops!

Here are a few photos I took at the square that had a small gazebo with blues music playing, and down the street. There were so many other beautiful houses that I wish I had the chance to snap a quick photo of. Many that are in need of repair, which leads me to say, "Save your downtowns!" It breaks my heart to see these buildings and houses slowly disappearing, our history, disappearing. In another 100 years, will anything be left for the next generations?

Speaking of The Nest Egg and that gazebo, that brings me to Main Streets and Town Squares. Greenwood's downtown streets are so fun to walk down. There is tons of character, shops, and restaurants that you just don't find uptown. It's the town's culture that I am after, what it's like to live there and the finding the hidden jewels the locals frequent. Scroll through for some of Greenwood's jewels I have found so far, it is on my list for another trip to find more (images are linked).

Turnrow Books and Cafe

Delta Bistropub

(look at that fun mural tucked to the left of the restaurant and the larger than life one below that stopped me in my tracks)

Viking Cooking School

(last December, the BSA office came here to cook together and then we shopped their amazing cookware we had just learned to cook with!)