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One year ago today I began Circa 1889. It was something that I had been wanting to do for a few years, but just hadn't taken the leap yet...

HERE is the first post on January 2018, it was nothing spectacular. But I had finally done it! And HERE is the post that explains why I chose Circa 1889 as the name.

Eupora Depot circa 1889

Eupora Depot today, 2019

Today marks the one year anniversary of that leap finally taken. And I am so glad that I just did it! Circa 1889 has grown into something that I am so passionate about, excited about, and proud of. 2018 was a year of learning and finding its place. A place of historic preservation, new design echoing the past and discovering hidden charm. I plan to share even more of that this year and hopefully in a more consistent way to keep you hooked.

I want Circa 1889 to continue to grow and become more of an "in person" presence and a source of inspiration, learning, and gathering for old souls...

Today I took Q to the depot by the tracks to have a moment of "back when" and sort of celebrate "now". Seeing him here was so nostalgic, walking the tracks just as I did with my sisters, cousins, and grandmother. My childhood home is just down the street and the old Co Op where we would buy Easter chicks pictured here in the background.

Thank you for following along this first year and here's to more!


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