April 4, 2019


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Today marks the official beginning of this Spring's One Room Challenge (click to read about it). Yesterday the Featured Designers shared the rooms they will be working on for the next six weeks and today it is the guests' turn to show you ours...so what room am I taking on? My master bath. I am finally doing a room for myself and I am so excited about it. Before I give you the Befores, I want to give you a little history so you can really wrap your head around this space as I lay out the good, the bad and the design plan.


The history...

We live in a circa 1920 Queen Anne Victorian that has some funky work here and there, but lots of charm still. Which is one of my must haves for a space, good bones. While this bathroom isn't actually original to the house, it is earlyish and has some cute features that will be staying and setting the tone for the design. That funky work I mentioned? Well, this bathroom was originally a side porch. There was no access to it, just two large windows looking out from what is now my Master Bedroom. One of which has been taken out, replaced with a door, and then reused within a new wall to deceive any passer-bys that this room was always here. What gave it away? They didn't quite level the porch floor which has a step down from the bedroom, the door opening is deeper than an interior opening would normally be since it is actually an exterior wall, and the door doesn't match the beautiful 5 panels doors throughout the house. So stepping into this room is literally jarring from the rest of the house. And that is not even the worst part, oh just you wait. 


The before...

You have arrived in Smurf Village. 

If I could do only ONE thing to this room, it would obviously be a fresh coat of paint. Thankfully the blue is only the upper half of the walls with charming beaded board below which will stay.The layout is a bit awkward but I love the vintage sink and tub, they will stay where they are to keep the budget as small as this room is. One good thing about that original window that was replaced with a door and reused for this room, the light it lets in! I love natural lighting in a bathroom and this one has tons, well, half of the day. 


 "The Bad":

  •  missing light fixture globe

  •  cracks in drywall (see patching)

  •  world's smallest mirror

  •  mismatching trim at beaded board wainscot

  •  color blocked walls chop the height of this room which is already significantly lower than the 11ft original ceilings

  •  beaded board wainscot paint unfinished

  •  old vinyl flooring

  •  closet organization (small door seen by tub)

...and that blue


No amount of scrubbing or lipstick has made me want to use this room in the two years we have been here. It is right off of my bedroom and yet I walk through the house to the other bathroom instead of here. That is not okay! Every room of your home should be used to its fullest potential and "spark joy"! No joy here. And that is about to change. 


Fun Fact: I hid all of Qman's Christmas gifts in here this past year, if that tells you anything...

The inspiration...

I will save the design details for next week after I get deeper into the bones of the room and nail down what exactly needs to happen before the pretty stuff. But for now, picture this:

It is year 1920 and Miss Evie is returning to her Victorian home from a recent trip to Egypt. She is a well traveled lady (spinster some might say, unmarried at this age, traveling the world unchaperoned!) and her home is proof of that - the traveling, not the spinstering. She brings back with her souvenirs each time, this trip no different. She sets her suitcases down and retrieves her new prized possessions. "Now, where should I put you?" she asks Nefertiti's bust.


Historic lover at heart, of course I will be sticking to the true Victorian style of the house for the foundation of the design, buttt I would really like to sprinkle in something special to me so it isn't just ANY victorian bathroom, it is MINE. For this room it will be my dream to visit Egypt like Miss Evie. Anddd I am challenging myself to do something daring that I have never done before (inspired by @jewelmarlowe). 


Here are a few images that have been dancing in my mind around this design...  


Next week I will be back to share all of the details of the Design Plan, the Budget, and the first update on progress that is going to be the biggest game changer for this room. Can you guess what it is? 


Be sure to check out the other Guest Participants HERE and if you missed yesterday's Featured Designers then catch up on them HERE. This event has been something that I look forward to every Spring and Fall for endless inspiration and amazing creatives to follow along with! And a huge thanks to One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for putting this on for us!


See you next week,


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