April 11, 2019


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The saying goes "It gets worse before it gets better" right? Well that it did for Week Two of the One Room Challenge. I had everything so well planned, day by day, task by task...and it all flew out the window when I started demo on the floor. Stay tuned for a progress report at the end, let's look at the pretty stuff first. 


If you need to catch up on Week One, click the link below:




The Design plan...

You know the beginning of the story for this room, remember it is 1920 and Ms. Evie had just returned home to her victorian from exploring Egypt for treasures, mix that with the need for light and airy and the year 2019... 









There are a few surprises I want to save until the reveal, but you get vision, right?


I am going by @roomfortuesday's recent tutorial for her guest bath shower curtain - which saved me by the way. Apparently when it comes to shower curtains, I just can't pick! I am also using the Ikea Ritva curtain panels for their length and bleaching them. But then I am going to try something the @thegritandpolish shared on hacking Ikea curtains - a pinch pleat! So many thank yous, Sarah and Cathy, you two are always inspiring me and I am so excited to try your tricks in my own home! (their Instagrams and tutorials are linked above). Now when it comes to shower curtain rods, that I can settle on easily, especially when scrolling upon this cutie. I admit, I was planning to low budget on everything, but I had to have this curtain rod, I fell in love.


The glass globe is actually one that I found in the darkness of our kitchen cabinets..so that's a win win. I linked a similar one above that's still easy on budget. To go with that cute, diamond cut globe, I am adding a simple medallion to the ceiling. The medallion will get a coat of white paint to match the ceiling and walls, but the fitter will get black to add a little contrast.


Okay, now for that painting I know you have been eyeing, the one pictured above is by The Holly Collective and I am obsessed with their work right now. This painting isn't going to come home to me, but it will be the inspiration for 4 pieces that I am having Q (my son) do. I love the idea of tone on tone (white plaster - white walls) to show off the texture that makes me think of hand carved and painted Egyptian tombs, add in that pop of black and it's just too good. Having Q as the artist is something that I ask for often. Artwork that is beautiful (everything your child does is beautiful, right?), easy and will be sentimental. I actually have two paintings by him in his own bathroom, one in the living room, and one at my office desk. 


Now here is a life hack for you, shop Ebay! That is where I found this mother of pearl box made in Egypt. You can click the link above to take you to the search and find one for yourself! Ebay is my source for some other egyptian elements and actually anytime I am hunting something antique that I can't find locally. Ebay, y'all. Another hack, shop locally! This antique mirror was found at a local shop a few years ago, I got it then envisioning it for this bathroom reno now. It's something one of a kind that you won't see all over social media and for just 15 bucks, I mean come on... Need help finding some local shops? Check out Antique Trail online for your state and hit the road, Jack!  Sorry, no link for that one, I am challenging you to do this.


Since the shower curtain will be a star, I didn't want the window dressing to compete with it. I did need privacy (the window is at the front porch), but I didn't want to block any of the natural light and I didn't want to have to fuss with opening and closing long drapes everyday. Also, I wanted a really easy install, the window trim actually butts right up to the wall on one side so I knew a curtain rod here was going to be a disaster. Well this Ikea blind checked all of those boxes and really showed off with its price, $3.99. Simple, privacy, light, easy install (it sticks to the window sill and you can cut it to size), and easy use! It is a little too simple though, so I am dressing it up a bit with a tassel which will also come in use for closing!


For necessities I wanted to do some things that were a little more fun than the normal. I traded out the store shampoo + conditioner bottles for amber glass bottles, plastic bags for clear containers (cotton balls / swabs), and my usual plain white towels for some with a little pattern that made me think of Egyptian textiles. Little things that add up for a big impact. Oh, and the clear containers that you will see on Reveal Day were actually found at our local Family Dollar for 3 bucks each! So there is your third life hack, check out your local dollar stores. Every so often they will shock you and your wallet will be thankful for it. (Similar containers linked above).


Back to the antique life hack for the accent chair. But this one is a little different, you see I just happened to be driving down the road and saw a pair of these at a spot that locals set up "yard sales" together in town. Forrr $4 each! So I guess this is a fourth life hack. Check out a yard sale every now and then, you never know what you will find! Now try to find a bentwood chair online, click that link above to see what you will pay. This one needs a little repair but that didn't turn me away. I have a quick and easy (I hope) DIY coming up for that. Because most old things can be fixed and I need you to remember this! Back in the day they built things to last! That is one reason why I love to shop antique thrift stores, yes the pieces have wear, but that is just love and life. And I kind of like the charm that brings...


Now for my favorite find, that actually took awhile to find, the flooring. This is not what I started off with for the design, or even the second, or the third...which is one reason why I am now a little behind in progress. But I am so glad that it turned out this way and I am so excited for this to deliver and go down! I have always loved a black + white checkered floor and I am finally, finally getting one of my own! Fun Fact: my childhood home had black + white checkered floors in the kitchen, the cause of my love affair? Probably so. You can see the pattern below in the bathroom layout. Since the flooring will be so pretty, I decided that I was going to need something really simple for the rug, again no competition. So I started looking for solid black rugs to go with the main color of the floor and voila, Amazon delivered! I picked this rug obviously for the color, but also for the material that will be soft and okay to get wet and that fringe was just sprinkles!




As mentioned last week, the fixtures are staying put and contributing to the charm this room desperately needs. The closet will have built in shelves for better storage above with an opening below for a laundry basket. Placing an antique plant stand by the small sink will aid in surface space for getting ready - yes a plant stand! This is one that I have had for years and no doubt was found at one of my favorite local antique thrift shops (Again, I highly recommend you trying yours out). And sitting a chair by the tub will also come in handy, not to mention make a beautiful vignette. 

The budget...

So what is all of this costing? Under $500. The key factors in keeping this renovation a low budget one are self labor, keeping the big fixtures, not moving them, and going with a vinyl tile for the flooring instead of ceramic. I know vinyl tile doesn't sound that fancy, but just you wait until you see this pattern on Reveal Day! That is the key to cheaper flooring materials - PATTERN. Putting some thought into the installation can take a cheap floor from bleh to wow so easily!  


And why the low budget? A few reasons that I think most of us find ourselves crunching the numbers:

I. This isn't our forever home so it isn't ideal to pour alot into it.

II. The real estate market - you would be shocked to see the costs here in Eupora, MS. Even if it was our dream home, pouring too much into this house could value the house way above what it could sell. 

III. Maybe you have a big money gut job planned 10 years down the road, but for these next years you need a quick and cheap fix to be able to use the space until the. 

IV. Or maybe a big gut job will never be in the plan for a space, but it needs a little something, and little something doesn't have to cost a lot of something...but you can make it look like it does! 


 There are a few things that I haven't gotten to yet on this list so they are estimated. Over the next few weeks we will see how this really adds up and as always with an old house renovations...if I open anymore cans of worms. I say "anymore" because that is just what I did when I started demo-ing the floor, or should I say "floorS"? 


Progress Report:

I have pulled up the vinyl roll tile

and found a layer of vct - which I have also pulled up

and found a few spots of water damage in the plywood subfloor which I was 100% expecting to be hardwood floors 

Aside from the flooring disaster (not even to mention trying to source flooring with the look and price that I was after) I also pulled up the shoe molding that will be replaced and pulled off the trim at the top of the wainscotting that was mismatched in spots. Oh..and I primed that blue! 


Here is a sneak peak:



This next week the plan is to put down the flooring, retrim, paint, and fix up the light fixture. That will take care of the bones of the room so I can move on to the decorating!


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Here's to a better Week Three,


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