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Finally, hello weekend! This past week was a doozy and I ended it with a glass of Carlo Rossi Moscato Sangria in bed watching The Turning, like my brain needed another twister...that ending, what?!

Q and I will be spending today and tomorrow pretty relaxed with some baking (I bought flour for the first time in my 28 years), planting strawberries, celebrating the wonderful women we love, and asking a sweet neighbor down the street if we can clip some of those gorgeous wild hydrangeas that are putting on a show in their front yard...

And here is some goodness from the week:

This tour of a historic house in Georgia made my jaw drop. Not only the house though, the trees covered in spanish moss, the garden, the studio...just wow!

I have really been wanting to jump on the sourdough bread making train during quarantine, the loaves on my feed were just so beautiful! Especially after watching The Grit and Polish's mesmerizing How To video. But did I even like to eat it? I wasn’t sure, I had never had it! So my friend, Steph, baked and brought some to the office. Yes, it was amazing. The hype is REAL. And the next day, Holly and I stopped at the cutest grocery store in Kilmichael, MS after measuring at one of our residential projects there. The store is called Greenlee’s and has a history as all my favorite places do. It is loved by all the locals and even out of towners like my mama. When you walk through the doors, you are instantly greeted with smiles and an old general store feel from the 1800s with bric a brac lining the tops of the fridges like old crocks and tins... aside from me being swept up in the good vibes, Holly walked me through and helped me pick out the ingredients needed to make Sourdough bread with a promise to drop off a bread pan, starter, and recipe later! (I should mention here that Steph and Holly are identical twins, don’t let them fool you like they do me daily) and we all work together at BSA! I should also mention that the store owner handed over the last rotisserie chicken to me at checkout to go along with the one I purchased to make my mama’s chicken salad, because “it’s unusual for us to have just one left over at the end of the day, they make a good chicken salad!”. Exactly what I was planning. That kindness and thoughtfulness sold me right then and there. Mom and Pop businesses, y’all!

We bought a reel mower! And I am pretty pumped about it for a few reasons: 1. Mowing can now be added to Q's chores since it will be so easy to use. 2. Speaking of easy to use, it won't be a strain on my injured shoulder, so less PT visits for me. 3. No gas which saves money and time going to get it when we decide to mow and realize we have zero gas to mow with. 4. No fumes which is good for us and good for the Earth. 5. No noise! 6. The scissor like cut method is actually healthier for your grass rather than the rip like cut a mower does. 7. It’s just so neat to me to do something in a way at our home that would have been done when it was built. Review coming!

Also bought a French Press (influenced by TGAP, again). A huge thanks to Holly for sharing hers while I wait the arrival of mine with the cute little top!

Downloaded the Studio McGee presets this week and have been loving how beautiful and time-saving they are! Well worth the purchase!

@thelesliejordan is #onetofollow if you need a laugh and don't mind a few curse words...

Have a great Mother's Day Weekend!


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