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I am very much looking forward to this new year, all of the possibilities and projects. I think my heart needed this new start to really get myself going again, find that drive I had before, and feel the passion of it. 2021 was hard, but I am going to give 2022 all I have, which I know to be more than I have ever had before!

With the new year starting, so are my To Do Lists and the best way to start is to take a look back. I made the (a bit overzealous) list below this time last year. I have to admit, I was afraid to even look, knowing I had taken the last half of the year to focus on family and my well being.

  1. Finish Current Projects

  2. Bathroom 20% complete

  3. Living Room: Phase One 80% complete

  4. Foyer: Phase One 80% complete

  5. Master Closet: Phase One 99% complete (did you think I had forgotten about this one?)

  6. Install Dining Room Chandelier

  7. Q Bedroom: Phase One (paint)

  8. Clean Sweep

  9. Set up Temp Kitchen

  10. MOVE IN (new goal - Feb 1)

  11. Study: Phase One (paint)

  12. Q Secret Nook: Phase One

  13. Master Bedroom: Phase One (trim paint and ex. wallpaper repair)

  14. Kitchen

  15. Powder Room

  16. Stairwell: Phase One (landing repair, spindle paint, new light fixtures)

  17. Dining Room: Phase One (paint)

  18. Back Porch

  19. Front Porch Column Repair

  20. Widow's Walk Railing Removal and Repair

  21. Guest Room: Phase One (paint)

  22. Garden

  23. Front Yard Landscaping

  24. Chicken Coop Repairs and Addition (and new chicks)

Surprisingly, I did manage to accomplish more of those items than I thought! I know I have said it before, but it is a good thing to remember every so often: if you are ever feeling discouraged, just look back to where you started. I guarantee you have come further than you think. You may not be at the finish line yet, but where you are now was already a feat!

So let's dive into the plans for 2022.

(2021 list updated)

  1. Finish Current Projects

  2. Bathroom: 95% complete - hunting down period correct wall sconces and a few touch ups left

  3. Living Room - "Sitting Room": Phase One 90% complete - ceiling touch up and furniture upholstery

  4. Butler's Pantry: flooring, finish mural, period correct casework

  5. Foyer: Phase One 100% complete And we have started on Phase Two that is being done sooner made possible by a collaboration that I am so thrilled about, this phase involves taking down the unoriginal crown, adding back picture rail and wallpaper. Also, the family piano has already moved in!

  6. Master Closet: Phase One 100% complete - but I think I would like to add some Ikea storage solutions here to better maximize the space

  7. Install Dining Room Chandelier: 100% complete for now! Whenever I can get a contractor back to redo the walls and ceiling, I will add a needed part and maybe a medallion...

  8. Q Bedroom: Phase One (paint) Done!

  9. Clean Sweep Done!

  10. Set up Temp Kitchen Done!

  11. MOVE IN: DONE!!! This happened very fast and unexpectedly, but in the end it helped get some other things done quicker and designs tweaked to fit how we actually live. Being home also played a huge part in dealing with loss and healing. I am so thankful for Bonnie Manor, it is truly my haven.

  12. Study: Phase One (paint) Done! We have also moved in a rug and furniture, pending curtains and a few accents...

  13. Q Secret Nook: Phase One Done. But then he moved his tech stuff up to his bedroom for better wifi connection....So this is now much needed "Storage"

  14. Master Bedroom: Phase One (trim paint and ex. wallpaper repair) 0% but I have been designing away and hunting down the perfect furniture so when I do get around to starting this, I can knock everything out!

  15. Kitchen: Structure, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, sheetrock, and some paint is done! The Phase One flooring will be the first project of this year, today actually! I also completely changed the design over these last few months and I feel so much better about it, but it will require a few rough-in changed/additions. More on Kitchen stuff soon!

  16. Powder Room: 0% but this room will actually be worked on while the Kitchen is since they are next to each other and both had the same structural repairs needed. I also keep changing my mind on the paint color for this room so it may move really slow while I let that fall into place...

  17. Stairwell: Phase One (landing repair, spindle paint, new light fixtures) 0% But I have fully designed this space and can not wait to start on it!

  18. Dining Room: Phase One (paint) 0% This has been on hold since I decided to go on and remove the unoriginal ceiling tiles and wall paneling in order to install drywall which would give a more similar look of the original plaster, then paint.

  19. Back Porch: 0% but needs repairs soon after storm damage to the old railing! This will be a new railing around and paint.

  20. Front Porch Column Repair Hold (this is not necessary, just a cosmetic thing I would like to do along with redoing the porch floor, tabling this project for a much later year)

  21. Widow's Walk Railing Removal and Repair 0% but removal and roof repairs will need to be done soon

  22. Guest Room: Phase One (paint) 0% and I keep changing my mind on paint or wallpaper and then what color or this may not happen this year

  23. Garden 0% but would love to start this in the Spring is house projects aren't overwhelming, if so then it will wait until next year.

  24. Front Yard Landscaping 0% but have made some preliminary plans and hope to start adding in boxwoods this Spring!

  25. Chicken Coop Repairs and Addition (and new chicks) Repairs done, addition to come this Spring, because those new chicks are now big!

Taking from that status update, the main projects for 2022 will be:

  1. Kitchen & Butler's Pantry

  2. Foyer Phase Two

  3. Powder Room

  4. Dining Room

  5. Exterior siding replacement

  6. New HVAC system / attic access / replace second floor ceilings (currently ceiling tiles over original plaster)

  7. Master Bedroom

  8. Stairwell

  9. Sitting Room touchups and furniture

  10. Back Porch railing and paint

  11. Front door/trim restoration

  12. Start Landscaping

Much more realistic this time around. One thing that will make a big difference for this year is having that Phase One scope done that got us living in the house and it feeling more like home. Now I am able to really just focus on one project at a time instead of 10!

And oh do I have some reveals to share...


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