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Back to Progress!

After a week of being down with the flu, it felt great to get back to making progress on the Bedroom - One Room Challenge. Especially finishing up paint that should have already been completed and that I have been anticipating seeing for years…Well it was worth the wait, even though I wish I had done this much sooner!

If you need to catch up on this project, here is POST I (before) and POST II (demo and paint study).

If you caught demo, you saw that it was discovered this room along with the entire second floor originally had picture rail! So of course I had to add that back. Before doing so; though, I have had it on stands so that I could pre-paint before installing it – it is much easier to paint the trim AND the walls that way! Note: I made sure I could tell the exact location of where the picture rail was before I painted the walls.

Next up is finishing drywall repair so that I can paint that area. After wallpaper removal, I was left with a peeling mess. I knew skim coating with drywall mud was most likely my best option, but was worried that it wouldn’t stick with the way the drywall was. BUT thanks to you all and your recommendations, I found a great sealer that made such a difference – my step one in repairing this fiasco!

Zinsser Problem Surface Sealer specifically for ripped drywall!

Now I am ready to skim coat and I plan to do “wet sanding” method using a sponge versus dry sanding with a sander – in hopes that this will cut down on the dust. I ordered this sponge specially for wet sanding drywall. Fingers crossed this works out!

While painting the room one day, I had an epiphany: switch out the unoriginal bi-fold shutter closet door in my bedroom with one of the original paneled doors in a guest bedroom! I had been keeping watch on FBMP and local salvage shops for one that matched, but I didn’t want to wait any longer! I knew this little switch-a-roo would make a world of a difference in this room and it didn’t take long at all since everything was there for it already!

Items are starting to arrive for the finishing touches and I can not wait to style and share them! Here is a peak at one of the big items that arrived today – I have shared this Rush House product before, can you guess what it is?!

As soon as I wrap up drywall repair and paint touch ups, it’s a big GO, all hands on deck to get this room back in order and styled for my internal deadline (IN 11 DAYS)!

Make sure you hop over to the One Room Challenge - Week 5 page and see how the other ORC participants are coming along!

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