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Just trying to get our sheetrock together over here...

That’s where we are at with Bonnie Manor right now. We are asked how things are going everyday so I thought I would give a quick overall update, especially since we just wrapped up the biggest thing as of late: SHEETROCK! (If you’re new here, we completely gutted the Kitchen and both bathrooms, and added a wall in the kitchen to bring back the original Butler’s Pantry). Now it’s cleaning madness (this dust is the worst) so walls can be primed and painted, so flooring can be installed, so trimming can be done, and so on.

But the goal right now is to get us LIVING in the house before the holidays. And all we want for Christmas is a working bathroom, Santa.

Just about everything has been sourced for the Upstairs Bathroom to finish it out except for a vanity, I just can’t find what is in my head so we might do a placeholder until that comes along, because the “finishing” of this room dictates when we can be living here!

(Thankfully Nanny lives just a minute away and loves to cook for us - and a microwave and mini fridge can work wonders)

While we are knocking out the bathroom, I really want to get the Living Room in a better place so we can move our furniture in and it feel more like us. And put up our Christmas tree here!

Getting the big pieces of furniture moved out of the Dining Room and up the staircase into their designated rooms would be really nice too...

Oh and we need to wrap pipes and close the opened foundation area and put back siding before winter hits!

As for the Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, and Powder Room, those will most likely get tackled after the new year, after some much needed rest and family time. A little break from renovations will be nice to settle in and finally get our belongings out of boxes. And just be. Enjoy Bonnie. Make some memories.

Upstairs Bathroom:

  1. Clean sheetrock dust

  2. Remove paint from original door/trim

  3. Prime walls and ceiling

  4. Paint walls and ceiling

  5. Install ceiling light fixture & wall sconces

  6. Install outlet plug and cover

  7. Install flooring

  8. Stain and Install baseboard and window trim

  9. Install tub, toilet, sink

  10. Hang mirror

  11. Hang curtains

  12. Styling

Living Room:

  1. Prep a few wall areas and remove shutters

  2. Paint

  3. Patch hole in floor

  4. Install carpet

  5. Hang curtains

  6. Move in furniture

  7. Styling

Bonus: getting the new (smaller) chandelier swapped out with the large one in the Foyer and swapping the large chandelier with the broken fixture (I am not fond of) in the dining room, that would make a lovely Christmas dinner!

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