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This past week there hasn’t been much progress on the Dining Room as I wait for the contractor BUT I did manage to do a little bit of exploratory demo to assess the condition of the original plaster behind the wall paneling and confirm that there was indeed picture rail moulding in this room = EXCITING!

I believe this paneling was added in the 70's by the Gary family when they purchased the house and did some renovations. There is also a small crown moulding that is not original and will be removed.

It was also fun to see what colors this room has been painted throughout the years: it looks like it started off as a dusty eggplant color which may have actually been pink, then green, yellow, and white before paneling was installed over it. The baseboard is currently painted, but was stained the same color as the door trim and mantle you see here. I will be removing the paint and matching the stain color.

Note the cracking in the plaster and chunks crumbling off of the wall (lathe). This is what happens when plaster is nailed into. It causes cracking and if severe enough detachment from the lathe. Which is why houses of this period that had plaster walls and ceilings typically also had picture rail moulding to hang pictures from instead of nailing directly into the wall.

I am hoping I can save at least some of the original plaster walls, possibly at the fireplace, and then I plan to reinstall picture rail moulding exactly where it was before! I am so excited for this room to have all of its charm back!

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