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Week 4 of 8?!? Oh my goodness, I am starting to foresee this Dining Room project taking a bit longer than that! We are still in the demo process. The majority of the wall paneling is off, all but at the door / window / mantle areas. I discovered that the previous owners must have removed the trim work and mantle when they added the paneling, it overlaps about half an inch making the removal not as easy as everywhere else. As for the ceiling tile, those came down super easy…but left millions of staples in their path. I am not exaggerating. There. Are. So. Many.

As for the plaster walls, I am so hopeful about saving them! Note: the ceiling and the west wall already had the plaster removed. There is one skinny section to the right of the fireplace that I had to pull off, with not much effort, more so just had to breath on it, because the plaster was so damaged and completely detached from the lathe. I think there is two other small places at the corner steps outs that I will have to remove it as well. I have been going over the plaster walls removing any crumbled areas where I need to fill in small areas and seeing what is still attached / what has detached before. Next I am going to start the repair process that I have learned from @oldtownhome and @thekimblehouse which involves drilling holes, inserting glue, screwing the plaster back to the lathe with screws and anchors, removing those after dry time, and skim coating (hoping my contractors will do this part for me). I am so thankful for them sharing their step by step processes, I have been watching and taking notes; which has given me the courage to even undertake this!

Other than the business of walls and ceiling...I got in the canopy for the chandelier and it is much nicer in person than I anticipated, Amazon for the win! If you follow along via Instagram @kristian.berryhill you may have seen my rug options I was between and which one I ordered! I keep all Dining Room day to day progress saved to a Highlight there too if you want to catch up!

I also had an idea after the electrician came to remove the thermostat so the paneling could then be removed. The thermostat was actually located right when you walked into the Dining Room, in view from the Entry. I hated it. BUT then it hit me, why don't I move it? And NOW while the walls are being worked on so it can be patched over easily? And directly to the other side of the wall is the perfect spot, in the Butler's Pantry, out of sight, where I can again patch easily and plan to repaint anyway!

My dad and brother have been helping me so much with this demo, I know, I am super blessed! Together, we almost have this all ready for the drywall guys to come, which may be the end of this week now. At some point this week I need to also have the electrician back to move the thermostat wiring to install it in the Butler's Pantry so we can patch the old spot and have air again. This old house naturally cools itself so well, but we are in the South and this past weekend it already felt like Summer!

I am hoping that this week wraps up all this messy work so by the weekend I can move on to paint!

Have you checked in to see how the other One Room Challenge participants progressing?!

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