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Dusty Blues

I have had this shade on my mind ever since I first laid eyes on this room by Ashley Gilbreath. If you were around when I did "the blue room" Sitting Room then you might remember that room almost ended up this lighter shade over the moody tone it is now.

Design: Ashley Gilbreath I Photo: Paige Rumore

So when I started thinking about what to paint the Study, it was an obviously option. I went back and forth over it and a "mushroom" light brown for weeks, consulted with my best friend and fellow BSA designer (Ashtyn @kruseecottage), and then even polled it on Instagram. It was a close call, was tied for a minute; validating my indecisiveness, but ultimately Dusty Blue won us all over.

Here are a few of my favorites from Sherwin Williams that I pulled to make the final decision from:

1: Breezy I 2: Meditative I 3: Debonair I 4: Blustery Sky

They each have their own undertone, Breezy with more of a green, Meditative a true blue, Debonair with a hint of purple, and Blustery Sky with more black giving it a mood.

When making my final selections, I first look at the swatches together to check the undertone; our house color story is filled with greens and blues so that eliminated 3 with its purple undertone. I wanted this room to feel lighter so that eliminated moodier 4. Narrowed down, I then look at my swatch options next to other paint colors in and surrounding the space. I chose Breezy that read less blue, more dusty next to the trim color SW Pure White; and that flowed seamlessly with the future colors of the adjacent Stairwell (SW Studio Blue Green) and my bedroom ( SW Jasper Stone).

Off to the paint store I go to check another room off the list!

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