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Last night I decided to stop putting off a small project and jump in late to the One Room Challenge! I have something coming up soon at the house and I really would like for this room to be freshened up by then. What better way to get it done than to have ORC accountability partners?!

If you are new here, hey there! I’m Kristian, a designer in a small Mississippi town specializing in historic restoration/renovation and interiors at a woman-owned architecture firm! I am an old soul and it won’t take you long to notice. Aside from all of the historic buildings and houses I work on for the firm, I also live in a 1912 Queen Anne Victorian that I have been slowly bringing back to life for the last 2.5 years! I love the old house community as well as the One Room Challenge community. I have found that in this world of home DIY, one of the best things you can do for yourself is find your support. Which is one of the best reasons to join the ORC. The One Room Challenge is an 8 week event where diy-ers from all over the world take on home projects sharing and supporting each other along the way – every Spring and Fall. And this Fall I am giving my bedroom a much needed refresh – but I have an internal deadline + starting late so I really only have 5 weeks!

So what exactly am I planning for these next 5 weeks? Painting, painting, painting. I am really leaning into “the power of paint”. I need to remove the old wallpaper (and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t run into plaster repair work) and then I will be painting the walls, the trim, the mantle, the doors and the bedside tables! I have an idea about the ceiling that I am going to experiment with first before sharing. Currently it is ceiling tiles tacked into furring strips that are nailed into the original plaster ceiling that is most likely cracked to pieces. (This was done throughout the second floor). And no, I will not be getting myself into more plaster repair or sheetrock this time (where you here for the Dining Room ORC - still pending plaster repair fyi). So I am playing around with ideas on how to make that eyesore a little less painful for the time being. Because remember, this is just a quick 5 week refresh!

A few other things to address: (listed from highest priority to lowest)

Curtains: I need to put more effort into curtains, these were thrown up for privacy when we first moved in. Since settling on the paint colors for the room, I feel like now I can make a decision on which curtains to buy.

Art: I have a frame for above the mantle, but it needs new artwork with a few other companions around the room to fill the bare walls.

Dresser: I have always had a dresser in my bedroom where I keep my hair and face stuff, where I get ready in the morning instead of in the bathroom. We only have one bathroom upstairs and it is the only full bathroom so that habit won't be changing, but I think I would like to move the dresser into my closet since there is enough space in there; which would give more open space to the bedroom and even allow for a sitting area. If it doesn't work in the closet, then the next idea is to move it to the opposite wall of where it is now so that it isn't so close to the bed, it would actually put it closer to the closet which would flow better. This one is an old one my late grandmother gave me so it has been hard to replace even though I would really love to find one that is an antique Queen Anne Victorian in a flame mahogany wood. Those special pieces take time to find so Nana's will keep doing until then, just relocated.

Rug: I would like to take the existing rug out that I am not loving; the pops of pink aren’t doing it for me. Maybe I will like it once the walls are painted green and it pulls out the greens of the rug instead of pink, or maybe I will find something that really sparks joy.

Light Fixture: If the ceiling works out, then I might consider losing the ceiling fan. I know, this is crazy for a southerner, but I hate it. Obviously, it is not an original fixture to the house, so I would love to try out something a tad more modern and fun since I tend to stay period appropriate to the Queen Anne Victorian style of the house. Or, maybe I could paint the blades? Switch the globes? Or check my beloved Facebook Marketplace…

This is literally the only room in the house left I have not touched besides testing trim paint colors. Typical, right? Like the shoemaker… So along with getting back into the groove of things, I am really excited to treat myself! We have been here almost two and a half years now and I can’t tell you a night that I have not laid down and imagined these walls as green! And with this being just a refresh and not a full renovation / restoration like my other projects that I take into consideration so much detail and care and perfectionism…I feel like I have given myself more freedom to have fun and share!


As for the design, think The Gilded Age. And green, lots of green!

Thank you for visiting and be sure to check out the other ORC participants!

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