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Here's a quick recap of Weeks 5 - 6 of the Butler's Pantry to get caught up:

  1. Paint: Ceiling and Wall mural.

  2. Natchez trip full of inspiration.

  3. Thrifting for silver serving pieces.

  4. Shelving Idea.

If you need to do a full catch up on this project, click below for the previous weeks:


I polled the ceiling options: white, blue, or a cloudy sky. Which came in as #1 Cloudy Sky, #2 Blue, and #3 White. I ended up going with the least popular choice, white, typical of me. But let me explain... This little room is going to be packed with personality: the patterned flooring, the mural, the trim work, the shelving, the light fixture, the furniture ultimately I decided that was enough and the ceiling should be white as it will be throughout the house. Once I had it all painted and saw the Breezy blue set off by the white ceiling, I knew that was the right decision. It also helps brighten this small room that does not have windows.

While in Natchez, this choice was confirmed once I stepped into the Jewish Temple B'Nai Israel and there before me was my color scheme in one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever visited. It was amazing to see the same exact door and trim style and stain color used there as in my own Victorian house miles away! There was so much design inspiration here along with the amazing stories told in their history room. This was one of my top experiences of the trip!

I painted the first pass of the mural background! Using Sherwin Williams colors (top to bottom) Breezy, Studio Blue Green, and Olympic Range, I painted these at the same time which allowed me to blend them beautifully (with just paint rollers!), so much so that I am already in love and would be happy with it just as it is now, but I can not wait to get started on painting the mossy trees!

You can watch the process of the first pass below:

And here is a peak of it dry!

If you were following along the Natchez trip via Instagram, you might have seen the thrift shop we found that was having an amazing moving sale. (If you missed it, catch up in the Highlights, Natchez I and Natchez II). I spotted a round, silver chaffing dish that I missed out on thinking I would grab it along with a few other pieces after the conference, but then the shop was closed! So I came home thinking about silver chaffing dishes, determined to find another. That I did! I went thrifting at 3 of the shops I frequent close to me and hit the jackpot!

At one of the shops I was chatting with the owner and asked what she used for polishing silverware, she actually had it on hand and even put it to the test on a piece I ended up getting! Yes it works wonders, as you can see on the rectangle dish top above! I have already ordered some and can't wait to polish the rest of these up! (Linked below)

Since I ended up with a different piece of furniture for storage in the Butler's Pantry that does not have shelving, I have been thinking about alternative ways to store some of the serving pieces I have that we do not use daily, only when we have company and when the BP would be used. I toyed around with the idea of hanging some of the Lochs of Scotland plates on the wall, but then it would be troublesome to take those down if I wanted to actually use them. And I really needed a place for all of the Wexford glassware of my great grandmother's I inherited along with the additional pieces I have been adding to the collection. I needed shelving! But I didn't want open shelving that looked modern and out of place. I also needed something that would be safe for the precious pieces that would be stored here. So how do you add charm and safety to shelving? Ornate brackets and a gallery rail, my dear! Here is a peak at what I am currently looking at diy-ing that should be fairly simple: a 1x10 painted/stained (might round off the edges - detail pulled from the trim in the house), gallery rail pieces screwed in at the corners and midpoints (I'm not finding many sources for these), and cast iron brackets the wood piece will sit atop and also screw into. I will delve more into this later, but I think it will turn out perfectly: function and style wise! I *think* I may be able to order an extra brass rod to extend between the holes in the corner of the brackets for hanging things as well like a towel, serving utensils, maybe coffee cups if the bar is out from the wall far enough....still things to work out there but I am in love with this mock up that gives me a Victorian feel!

Next up:

  1. detailing mural

  2. flooring

  3. trim

  4. chandelier refresh

  5. shelving diy

There is still lots to do and two weeks left of the challenge. With my last minute Natchez trip, a family summer bash next weekend, and then our town balloon fest the weekend after...I foresee this project taking a bit more time. So hold onto your britches, we are about to crank this project into high gear!

And hop over to check out how the other ORC Participants are moving along!

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