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After the whiplash of the last two weeks: deciding to put the Dining Room on hold and focus on what was ongoing, things have felt much more manageable and less chaotic. Thank you, self! You can click the previous weeks below to catch up before settling in for the most recent progress...


I also shared peeks of my last ORC that are finally wrapping up. The plumbing fixtures are all upstairs waiting to be hooked up, the family piano came home, and my friend Stephanie sent me a progress shot of the painting she is working on for the Living Room. First pass she says, but I am so in love already and can not wait to hang this up. Here's a peek for you!

On to the progress of the Butler's Pantry...

I had set a piece of furniture in here that I was gifted to see how it would work until I found the piece I was imagining, something Victorian style, walnut wood, one or two drawers below, and open shelving above. But I have grown really fond of this piece (and it's big sister that is now in the Living Room) and might keep it here. The two doors actually open up to reveal even more drawers so it has tons of storage. I also like the idea of no top so that I can hang a few pieces of my Lochs of Scotland on the wall above it. Would you believe it if I told you that this was sitting in an old barn covered in dust?! It looks even better now cleaned up and oiled and I am going to wait until reveal day to open the doors and show off the inside that will definitely blow your mind!

And I finally got around to deep cleaning from the sheetrock dust that seems to never go away...along with priming the walls to prep for the first pass of the mural this coming up weekend with mom! I have been sending her tons of photos to reference and video tutorials to watch and making a list of supplies to pick up.

One thing I have been going back and forth on is the ceiling, whether to paint it white like the rest of the house, or a light blue, or carry the clouds and sky from the mural onto the ceiling as well...did you catch the poll in Instagram stories? Usually seeing the results helps me realize what I really want....but I am still undecided.

Here are a few blues I pulled along with the house's white (Sherwin Williams, Pure White) to start the decision making process:

As for the mural colors, I am using the Jefferson Home Print Shop mural, Town on the River as a reference to match the muddy greens and blues I love so much in it. I took a screen shot of it and loaded it into the Sherwin Williams Visualizer App then tapped colors to match which generated a palette. I plan to pull the swatches of these colors and adjust to set the final palette that I will paint the background with regular wall paint (I have a lot of space to cover) and then I will mix acrylics to match for the detail work.

Other colors I know I want to bring in from the adjoining rooms are 1. Pure White (Kitchen), 2. Downing Sand (Dining Room), 3. Studio Blue Green (Stairwell).

and maybe the Benjamin Moore, Van Deusen Blue from the Living Room.

Fingers crossed this goes well!

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