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Week Two of the One Room Challenge does not have a ton of progress to show, if you caught the Week One post (linked above), I mentioned finishing up some previous projects (the Foyer, Living Room, and Upstairs Bathroom from the Fall ORC) and ongoing background projects (flooring and paint for the Kitchen, Butler's Pantry, and Powder Room) and my sister's wedding. Well, I had the Dining Room cleared out (moving boxes and large furniture that I couldn't move up the staircase myself) and did a little sprucing up for the bridal brunch I was hosting...and I sat down and took it all in.

It wasn't that bad. I felt content. And then overwhelmed at the thought of putting myself through demo and messy sheetrock installation after finally getting the house clean and somewhat put together from the last one.

And the issue of my contractor not showing up for a walkthrough of the scope to quote. Or answering any calls/messages. A sign, possibly?

And the need for a space to temporarily keep kitchen items while the flooring and paint is done in the Kitchen.

And also the fact that I promised Q (my son) a reno free summer full of much needed family fun and the project schedule was slowly creeping into that promise.

So I pivoted.

Or rather, I finally started giving myself the grace that I have been trying to practice lately. I'm always putting too much on my plate. Instead of starting yet another project, I am going to focus on what is already ongoing (and put the Dining Room on hold until Fall, hmmm Fall ORC?). But there is one in particular ongoing project that I am feeling really inspired and excited about: The Butler's Pantry. So I am going to take you along with the progress of it, my new One Room (ha) Challenge!

This little room is obviously "new" from the fresh subfloor and sheetrock, but it is actually the original layout too! The previous owners altered the layout of it to open up with the Kitchen; which I undid upon discovering clues during demo of the unoriginal kitchen finishes. Now it is back and I really want it to be special. It connects the Dining Room, Stairwell, and Kitchen so it also needs to flow well with the surrounding finishes. You can see that whole process in the Butler's Pantry Highlight on Instagram.

Spoiler Alert: shown below is the full Color Story of the Downstairs. This way I can see how the colors for each room work together, which is painted versus papered, and where something special is needed so the flow doesn't fall flat.

And as you can see, there is a blob of the white (Sherwin Williams, Pure White) that I think needs broken up just a bit. This room also connects three others that will be Pure White, Downing Sand, and Studio Blue Green - so how can they all be tied together?


  1. Clean walls / door (sheetrock dust)

  2. Remove door to Stairwell for better traffic flow (this door will be reused for the Powder Room)

  3. Prime and Paint

  4. Prep subfloor

  5. Install sheet vinyl

  6. Install new and salvaged trim to match original

  7. Modify existing light fixture

  8. Furniture piece

  9. Organize and Style

This project has a small scope of work since most of the structural was taken care of early on, so it opens up opportunity to have fun! I have been dreaming of one day having a wall mural in my home and after nixing it for the Dining Room for multiple reasons (I will have wallpaper in the connecting Foyer, the room is LARGE = large expense and hard to find a mural to work without hiring a painter to custom paint it all = very large expense, I hope to add back 2 original windows that were taken out so that would hold up a mural installation so it would not be damaged in a later window installation). So then it hit me, the Butler's Pantry!

This small, almost square space is perfect for a floor to ceiling and all the way around mural! I started playing around with some of the mural wallpapers and fell in love with this Town on the River Mural by Jefferson Home Print Shop. Its so close to what I imagined for a mural. Something with a beautiful view in greens and blues, hills, trees. Seeing it rendered in the space really got me to thinking about colors and details like having oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs (one of my favorite things in The South) and hiding Bonnie Manor in the background! Then my mind went to my love of brushstrokes...and since the space is so small, why don't I try painting it?! Myself! I may be getting way in over my head, but I am going to give it my best or else I will always have it in the back of my mind. And I think I have convinced my mom (who I inherited all of my creativeness from) to help me paint it which will make for some fun mother & daughter time and a piece of work that is very sentimental.

Below is the rendering featuring the Jefferson Home Print Shop mural that will be my muse. I am saving images of mossy oak trees, dissecting my favorite murals, watching tons of painting tutorials, and praying this goes well. If not, it's just paint, everything will be fine.

And here are a few peeks at the Bathroom and Foyer from my fall one one challenge that are still keeping me busy! So close to being done and revealed!

Click below to be directed to the One Room Challenge website where you can browse the hundreds of Featured Designers and Guest Participants and their progress!

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