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Week Four of the One Room Challenge saw some major construction dust cleaning, sheetrock priming, the most exciting rug delivery, a peek at some finishes, and a treasure find!

You can catch up on the previous weeks here:


There is still so much to do, but hopefully Week 5 will be less hectic so we can knock some to dos out like finishing paint and installing flooring!

As for that treasure find... this beauty was laying over in a trailer amongst scrap in a vintage truck yard! My trusty General Contractor had spotted it out by the road months ago and when I couldn't find what what I was looking for, I circled back around to that sink he kept telling me about for back up. But my oh my, I was not expecting this!

Just one quick clean and its already shining again, excited for its new life! There are a few areas of concern: rusting, porcelain enamel damage, and scratching. But I am going to try a few tips I received (most recommended, Bar Keepers Friend) and see how much better we can get this cleaned up for now. Later, along with the tub, I would like to do a porcelain refinishing kit to really bring back these antique fixtures!

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to the Featured Designers and other Guest Participants to see their progress!


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