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Week Three of the One Room Challenge almost saw no progress, but thankfully on Wednesday I made a health comeback and jumped back into things…like scoring an antique chandelier for the Foyer, an antique rug for the Living Room, and an antique claw foot tub for the Bathroom! In case you didn’t catch the trend there, all three rooms will be filled with antiques! Antique is my middle name and for Bonnie Manor I am stepping up my game. This Queen Anne Victorian has taken me on a deep dive into period appropriate interiors.

I also got around to getting some paint on the Living Room walls after changing my mind about the color at the very last minute, which ended up being the perfect blue I had envisioned all along, Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue. You can see the inspiration further down, but my plan for this room was to really be The Blue Room. I wanted to paint the walls and trim the same color for the tone on tone look that I love (I did this in Q's last bedroom you can see here), but this time around I am playing around with doing either matte walls/matte trim versus matte walls/eggshell trim to give just a bit added depth - see below left side for all matte and see right side for the added sheen on the trim, what do you think?


I decided to keep the special family heirloom a secret until Reveal Day! Even though I really can not wait for you to see it. I have always thought it was so beautiful and as a child I couldn’t keep my hands off of it! Now grown, I still think it beautiful and have never found another that could compare. I have been waiting years for it to come to me and that time has finally come!


  • Source, Order, Install new (10ft long) curtains

  • Take down the large chandelier that moves to the Dining Room

  • Install the smaller chandelier in its place

  • Clean up

  • Move in furniture & style


Not only was BM Van Deusen Blue the perfect blue I had in my mind for the design, but it also works perfectly with a fabric swatch I found in the very beginning after being inspired by The Laird's Bedroom at Lallybroch in Outlander.

Are you starting to see where this is going? A little Lallybroch mixed with the Queen Anne Style of the house, which is an easy task for me because I love the Queen Anne furniture style and most of my furniture is that! See, me and Bonnie were meant to be.


  • Finish wall prep in areas

  • Finish painting (to sheen or not to sheen)

  • Install Carpet

  • Curtains:

Order along with pleating tape and pins

source edge trim

Sew on tape and trim


  • Wait for rug to arrive and roll out as soon as carpet is complete

  • Move in furniture

  • Style with antique bric a brac – would love to find a marble chess set

  • Art project

  • Replace blown bulbs in light fixture (this is the worst task)

Here is a peek of the rug! I was having trouble finding one so I showed @stewarthawkinsdesignshop what I had in mind (Queen Anne Victorian Inspo) and what I thought the color play needed to be and she helped me find THE PERFECT ONE and it is on the way! I am so ready to roll this beauty out! There was another red option that I almost got because it was so good, but I ended up going with the neutral background so the room would stay dominantly blue and not have a competitive color.


I am so excited to finally be doing a black and white checkered floor! I grew up in a little Victorian that had black and white checkered floors in the kitchen. I have never forgotten them, I loved them even then. I love that they are trending right now too! I’m not a follow the trends person, but this is one “trend” that I support if it brings back something that is as timeless and classic as this! With sheetrock done now, we can clean up and start prepping the subfloor to install it!

Spoiler alert: you will be seeing these in the Powder Room and Butler’s Pantry as well when we get to those rooms later on!


  • Clean up sheetrock dust

  • Prime and Paint (I think I will be doing a warm white like what was found on the original plaster)

  • Prep subfloor

  • Install flooring

  • Install base board – stain to match original

  • Replicate original window trim for the window that was uncovered

  • Pick up claw foot tub, take to house, lug upstairs, connect

  • Source tub faucet + shower rod + accessories

  • Source chest of drawers to use as a vanity + sink + faucet – install (would love to line the drawers with paper like the lovely Susan from House of Brinson does)

  • Hang mirror

  • Paint and install antique wall sconces

  • Source ceiling light fixture – order – install

  • Decide on window curtains – install

  • Pick up toilet – install

  • Remove paint from door/trim to expose original stain

  • Style / Organize

I was planning to share the design boards for each room, buttt now I think I want to wait, share bits and peeks along the way, and then Reveal Day really be a BIG REVEAL! Don't hate me! The Design Boards give it totally away and I really want to do a surprise! I think maybe a video tour / talk on Reveal Day would be really fun and much easier to explain a lot of the design elements, especially with doing three rooms! Whew!

Thanks for checking in and be sure to check out the other Featured Designers and Guest Participants to see how their rooms are coming along!

- KB

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