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Last week I revealed that I was taking on three rooms for this One Room Challenge, and then life said "Oh, really?". I have been battling a cold (after Q did and gave to me) that turned for the worst just when I thought I was getting better, but instead was knocked off my feet. (Don't worry, I have visited the doctor and am armed with antibiotics). Even though, I am still determined to get these three rooms in shape by the holidays!

Upstairs Bathroom

I don't have much progress to show as I've been in bed trying to rest and recover, but the sheetrock crew has been finishing up so there's that. At least something has been progressing! The sheetrock alone in the Upstairs Bathroom has made a world of a difference, along with opening up an original window that had been covered. See below for where we started and its current state.

Living Room

I finally decided on the carpet I will be going with to install over the original hardwood floors in the Living Room as Phase One until we get to refinishing them throughout the Downstairs next year. After weeks of deliberation, I put it up for a community vote. The votes would have a clear winner, then tie, then a different winner! I felt validated in my indecisiveness. There were lots of good points that came with the votes and one that really stuck with me, which carpet grounded the space and spoke to the dark wood. If you know, then you know which one I am going with, even though it lost in the votes! (see Carpet Vote Highlight on Instagram)

Oh, and which Blue for the walls/trim...Benjamin Moore Hale Navy! I have been searching literally over a year (since I first saw the house, I have been planning this room design) for the perfect dusty, dark blue and this is it!


...just a peek at something special for this room.

That's all for now. My To Do List that is usually endless has only one item: Get well.

As soon as I am back up and running, I will be sharing the Designs for each room, something that goes very in-depth so I thought best to save it until I am at my best to share it.

Thank you for stopping by to visit, be sure to check in on the other amazing Featured Designers and Guest Participants to see how their rooms are coming along!

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