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ORC | WEEK 5/6

The One Room Challenge Guest Participant Room Reveals started today (except mine) and I am so enjoying looking through them all! All of the excitement and inspiration is just what I needed for a boost! And that is what this challenge event is all about!

An update on my rooms:


The curtains arrived today! Which really got me in the mood to knock that room out! Just not today ha ha I’m still waddling around and might need a day or two before these legs are healed enough to really do something! But who has an inkling of the special piece going in here? That is what I am most excited about and can not wait to show you! Oh and the new chandelier has been installed (it looks so much better!!!) The large chandelier that was there will be cleaned and installed in the Dining Room where it fits much better.

Living Room

The trim paint has been tinted! 90% of the trim has been painted as well with the exception of the windows that needed a little love. The walls are on hold because they actually need a lot more love than I thought they would. There are 4 corners that the previously installed sheetrock tape are raveling and/or coming off the wall... As for the floors, we started making progress and then it came to a hault again. I’m almost back to considering carpet! They have definitely put me to the test. All furniture and finishes are ready except for the curtains that need to be ordered (I’ve sourced them I just need a little something to dress them up) and a natural rug to layer with the pretty one! If only those floors...

(you can catch a peek of the new chandelier hanging in the Foyer here)

Upstairs Bathroom

Paint is done.

Flooring is the hold up now.

I had the black and white checkered tile ready but when I brought them into the room after painting, the white didn’t look white, it looked grey! Which is not what I want and I need this right because I am doing this same installation in the Powder Room and Butler’s Pantry (was that a spoiler?!). I’ve found another option that I think could be the right fit, but they are pick up only so I have to make a road trip to even see them in person! In the meantime...Tub is waiting. Sink is waiting and looking so much better. Mirror is waiting. Sconces are waiting; I learned how to install them myself this past weekend and I ordered some run n buff in “Gold Leaf” to give them a more brass finish instead of the silver they are now. Drapes are waiting and I am really excited to install them; something new and something old from Bonnie! I’ve picked a basic toilet but have two tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing. Again, if only those floors...

So that’s where everything is at and we are now TWO WEEKS away from Thanksgiving; which is my real deadline. The holidays are almost here! We will be having our first (small) family get-together at Bonnie Manor and the Friday after is always when we go pick out our Christmas tree! I really want to be living in and able to enjoy Bonnie Manor for our first Christmas. Hang the stockings on the mantle. Light the tree in the bay window. Trim the railing in greenery. Ignore the ongoing construction in rooms we aren’t even going to think about until 2021. And drink hot coco on the sofa with a Christmas movie playing...I know it’s going to be the most special one yet, even if there might still be a little sheetrock dust here and there.

So hang in there with me y’all! Bonnie and I have so much more to share with you...

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p.s. Thank you for the sweet messages and checking in on me. I really am doing okay and today I could tell my injuries are healing well! The swelling, fever, and bruising are almost completely gone. I’m just sore and a sight to see walking 🤣

Be safe.



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