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A series named and dated because we are making this a thing.

It's the end of the week and I hope you have had a good one. We certainly have even though Monday I found myself in a weird mood, surely from how out of ordinary life is right now. But I didn't let myself dwell, I forced myself to get up and went outside to find the most beautiful roses in the backyard. We clipped a basketful, I snuck a few over to a friend's house, and then we put together little arrangements and set them around the house. A little goodness everywhere. And all was well again.

I am always seeking goodness in every form in all things around me and naturally I stray from the darkness (like bad media). It is how I have created the world I wished to live in and become the person I wanted to be. And I like sharing these bits of goodness. What good is Good, if not shared?

So here are a few good things that have captured me lately whether it be a song that I couldn't stop playing or a scent that cheers me up and makes me feel like Spring on the gloomiest day...

About that song, it just so happens to be The Bones by Maren Morris that I am loving for cleaning time, cooking in the kitchen, riding with the windows down and working. It's a good, feel good song. And works for an old house loving heart at that!

I finally downloaded A Color Story App and I am having so much fun with it. A huge thanks to Jenny Komenda for sharing her tips or else I would never have even tried it! If you need a few tips to get you started, check out her "Moth Prints" Highlights where she shares her steps for editing phone photos in ACS. Here is a little before and after using Perspective I Lighten I Darken I Curves:

This tour of Beatrix Potter's cottage took me back to my childhood days and had me rewatching Peter Rabbit with my boy.

I have been inspired to tears by the Insta Live Chats that Charlotte Reiss has been doing recently with creative and inspiring women from all over the world on her handle @vivietmargot everyday at 10am EST. These interviews stay up for 24 hours, so catch them while you can!

What I can't live without from Day Designer (and it's free). My most used are: Brain Dump, Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery Shopping List, Monthly Calendar, and Notes.

I don't watch much television (with the exception of weekend Netflix Nights), but that might be changing soon. Chip and Jo gave a preview of their new Magnolia Network and I must say, I am impressed! They have gathered some amazing stories that needed to be shared with the world, but the one I am most excited for is Andy and Candis sharing their schoolhouse story, Homework! Who else died when they showed that kitchen?!

Did you know that May is Preservation Month? I didn't until yesterday! And I should have already known that, but nonetheless here are 31 ways we can celebrate Preservation Month, since now we know...

I just got these super cute Blue Light Glasses that are helping keep the migraines at bay and save my eyes from all of the computer time they get while working.

And the perfume that I have been wearing since February, am completely obsessed with, that evokes Spring and puts you in such a good mood...Old Navy's own Kindred Goods line, Orange Blossom & Tea Eau De Parfum. I would have loved to link it for you, but you cannot buy it online. You must visit their brick and mortar to snag this gem, which will be the very first thing I do once the world starts spinning again! (and buying all their stock like its toilet paper in the pandemic).

Please feel free to share some goodness below...


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