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K R U S E E   C O T T A G E 
is a Pre-War Cottage that was built in 1940. Also located in the small town of Eupora, Mississippi, Krusee Cottage and Bonnie Manor share a neighborhood. 

Ashtyn, a native of Eupora, became the owner of this house by surprise. The house was an engagement present from her husband, Sam. Both designers with an affinity for small and charming houses, this cottage made sense for starting a family.

The house was purchased with the understanding that upgrades to the interior and structure were needed. The house received major additions and alterations in the 1960s, including a bedroom/bathroom addition, enclosing the original sleeping porch, and adding a carport. After purchasing the house, Ashtyn and Sam started the slow work of renovating the house. 


Ashtyn and Sam are currently renovating Krusee Cottage with plans to update the layout to better serve their family. Much like Krusee Cottage and Bonnie Manor, Ashtyn and Kristian have been in each other's lives for some time. A shared love of old homes and the town of Eupora created a space on Kristian Berryhill & Co. for the slow, loving renovation of Krusee Cottage. 

You can keep up with the daily progress via @kruseecottage

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